A Birth Photographer's VBAC in Denver, Colorado by Jessica Mielke

When I found out Jessica was moving to the Denver area, I knew I had to reach out to her!  I was already a fan of her work and couldn't wait to meet her in person!  Jessica is a true artist, and I love her unique perspective on birth stories.  This birth story is one of my favorites!

Name: Jessica Mielke

Website: photoartbyjessica.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/photoartbyjessica

Instagram: @photoartbyjessica

Nicole is a fellow photographer here in the Denver area and when we first started talking about me documenting her birth I was beyond excited for her. Her first birth ended in a c-section and she was going for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarian) with her 2nd. 

At 12:01am: Real contractions this time!

We all ended up at the hospital shortly before 9:00am and she was in full active labor. No talking during contractions, really having to focus. We all thought her baby would be in her arms by dinner time, easy. The day slowly passed, contractions got more intense, she labored in the tub, on the toilet, with a squatting bar, doing yoga, in the bed.. you name it she probably did it, she even danced for a while during contractions! I have never seen a mother move so much during labor. 

Around 7pm they decided she needed an epidural to help her rest. She wasn't progressing and everyone was hoping that the epidural would help her rest and help her cervix relax and open. By 11:00pm we were all napping, the night passed. Sometime around 6:00am we all woke up and mom and dad were expecting to hear they would be probably be going in for their 2nd c-section, instead we heard that she was 10cm, baby was still high so she had to help him down, but she was at 10!

Mom helped him down, slowly but surely he was making his way. The morning light began to flood the room and with it, Nolan decided he was ready to be born. Just after sunrise he made his debut, and went straight on to mom. Together, the 3 of them, had a successful VBAC. Mom worked so hard for this birth and being able to witness her strength and composure was such an honor. This birth will definitely be one I remember for the rest of my life.