Surrounded by Support: A First Time Mom's Homebirth in Melbourne, Florida by Melissa Benzel

When we first received Melissa Benzel's submission, we were struck by the intimacy and connection in each of her images. So many hands, so much support. We love the real and raw moments that Melissa captured as this incredible woman labored throughout her home. The first image in this collection is one I still think of often. Beautiful composition and use of lighting throughout! 

Photographer: Melissa Benzel



Instagram: @benzelphotography

First time parents, Jennifer and Chris, hired me to photograph their home birth on 9/10/16. Mom was a super star and found all of her inner strength to deliver a beautiful healthy boy. She labored in every position that her body told her to and listened to her support group for advice and strength she needed. Her husband by her side at all times. So incredibly blessed to have been a part of their most important day.