A Hotel Birth in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta by Jasmine Giourmetakis

This birth being the first that Jasmine experienced since the birth of her own child, you can feel the emotion and awe for the newborn. Thank you Jasmine for submitting this unique story to us and letting us experience the beauty of this birth through your lens.

Photographer: Jasmine Giourmetakis

Website: http://www.honeylime.ca

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Honey-Lime-Photography

Instagram Handle: @honeylime_photography

A beautiful hotel birth in Fort Saskatchewan, AB. Mom had been in labour for 2 days before she texted me to say "this has to be it now". When I arrived to the hotel, mom and dad were taking it easy, but it wasn't for long as she entered transition. The midwives reminded her of how strong she was and how she was able to do this. I love midwives!! After a while of pushing the midwife helped mom get the last bit of cervix that was left for the head to be delivered. a sweet boy arrived earth side at 6:07 am on June 23, 2016. This was my first birth since having my second daughter 7 months ago. It brought back so many emotional feelings, but most of all I could not get over how strong women are, but also our partners.