Big Sis Helps Welcome Baby at Home in Utah by Tina Chandler

Tina shares this beautiful birth story with us today out of Utah. She bought her first DSLR to take pics of her four kids and soon thereafter fell in love with capturing moments for others. You can find Tina online through the links below.

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This beautiful mom had a planned home birth in Utah County. She went into labor Saturday morning, but then her contractions stopped. Later that day she texted me saying it was time. When I arrived, her midwife was helping her through contractions by applying pressure, and Neena seemed so calm, just working through it. Her husband was busy tiding up and making sure everything was perfect! Their oldest daughter was there with her aunt to be a part of her sister being born. She was so excited, and her aunt talked her through the whole thing. She kept saying “Isn’t she so strong?” as her mom was working through contractions. It was so sweet! The midwife monitored the baby through the labor, and after a little while, mom moved closer to the birthing tub. Sadly, it wasn’t full enough for her to get in! She labored near the tub while it was filling, waiting for it to get full enough, but it didn’t happen. The baby came too quick. Mom listened to her body, and with one contraction, her head was out, and one more push baby G was born. It was so beautiful! The midwife handed the baby to her mom! She got to hold her for a little while before passing her to dad. Then, they cut the cord, and big sister got a chance to hold her new baby sister! It was such a special moment. They did the newborn exam, and she was exactly 7 pounds! Then, she got to meet her big brothers. They were so excited to see her and exclaimed, "She's out!" It was amazing to be able to witness such a beautiful event, and see her family welcome her into the world!