A Stunning, Accidental Unassisted Homebirth in Winnipeg, Manitoba, by Elliana Gilbert

Elliana has been an artist all her life. It wasn't until recently that she devoted her work to her art full time, photographing milestones including birth. She says of her approach, "I am endlessly in awe of how form emerges out of both light and dark, and because of this, I am mainly a natural-light photographer." Her unique background as a health care worker lends itself to a special sense of tenderness in her work. You can find more about Elliana below.

Name: Elliana Gilbert

Website: www.ellianagilbert.ca

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ellianaphotog

Instagram: @ellianagilbertphotography

This birth was an unexpected unattended home delivery. Baby Luna arrived at 9am on the dot, on a beautiful sunny March morning, and she refused to wait for the midwives to arrive. She even, almost, refused to wait for Daddy to finish filling the birth pool in the living room. She'd begun arranging for her arrival so quickly, I ended up surrendering my camera to reach out and catch her. Fortunately Daddy ran back over to the bedroom in time to handle Luna's delivery, and he did so with the utmost confidence, dignity, grace and confidence. He. Was. Amazing. And Luna's Mommy was a fierce, elegant, strong birthing goddess who ended up breathing Luna out after coping incredibly well with a very fast, very powerful labour. I was completely blown away by this dynamic duo, this inspiring birthing couple. I am so honored to be able to share a snippet of their Birth Story here. I know that each time their story is shared, Mommy and Daddy are reminded of their incredible accomplishments on that day, and they find it very healing and empowering to share their story with others. So, thank you for helping me share their story.