Birth Center Waterbirth in Oklahoma City, OK by Tavia Redburn Photography

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Once I get the call from a mom that labor is imminent, it’s almost impossible for me to sleep. I’m too excited! I’ll turn up my phone volume, hold my phone in my hands and close my eyes… but my mind always wanders. Do I have all my batteries? Are my memory cards all clear? Is my phone volume turned up? … I need to sleep … Was that my phone? Is there enough gas in my car? …. sleep almost never happens.

I got to this mama’s birth at the birth center with Community Midwifery Services in Norman, Oklahoma around 2am. Her family all filed in after mom, who was headed straight for the bathtub in the labor room. The kids had fallen asleep in the car, but were of course excited and awake once they arrived. Eagerly waiting to meet their new brother.