Embracing the Journey of Birth, Hampton Roads VA, Birth Photographer

Sometimes things do not go as planned. Life throws us curve balls and we stand shocked and shaken to our core. Its easy to have things planned out and a vision in our minds on how we want things to go. Taking every step with hope and faith is how you will get through your toughest days. This sweet couple had planned out a "supernatural childbirth". Centering their faith during childbirth was a must for them. They hired a doula who supported that faith. Even when plans changed they kept the faith. A birth planned in the quaint local midwifery center soon moved to the labor and delivery unit. Induction was started one evening and the mom and dad faithfully awaited their sweet baby girl. Soon their doula came to support them and then later I came to capture the rest of the journey. In the early hours of the morning of February 27th this sweet baby girl came into the world surrounded by such loving parents and a strong support system. Embracing the journey that she had just gone through this mother was so strong and dedicated the whole way through.

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