Hospital Birth in Spokane, Washington

We're sharing another beautiful birth story by the ever talented Laura Fifield in Spokane, Washington. You can find more of Laura's work below:

When I got the call on a Wednesday morning that her water had broken my heart was overjoyed at what was to come. Throughout the day we stayed in touch with her husband keeping me updated every few hours at how her labor was progressing. I didn't know it at the time but I was in for an adrenaline filled night...the craziest yet of my birth photography career. 

Around 10pm Wednesday night the message I received said things were still about the same so to get some sleep and they would be sure and call when it was time to join them at the hospital. Close to midnight my phone went off..but it was another client in labor who's water had just broken. {I had a backup on call, and was close to calling her} However since I hadn't heard from client #1 again yet, I decided to meet client #2 at another hospital across town. She had a history of fast labor and contractions were already 2 mins apart. To make a long story short, she delivered before I heard from Client #1 again! As I was leaving her birth, client #1 called with the "It's time to come" message as she was at 6cm and contractions were picking up.

As she powered through each contraction with strength and determination she brought their first born son earth side. Birth is powerful and raw and earth shattering. And it is amazing what our bodies are capable of when yield to the nature of birth. 

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