Christmas Day Home Birth, Spokane Washington

Laura Fifield photographed this gorgeous birth, she's located in Spokane, Washington.

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A Christmas Day Home Birth! 
Around 8:45am on Christmas morning I received the call that it was time. Contractions were getting closer together, about 5 mins apart now and picking up in intensity. When I arrived, Mom was upstairs laboring quietly while her husband and son played downstairs. She was having intense contractions while kneeling over her bed, praying. The scene was peaceful and calm. Shortly afterward, her midwives arrived and began preparing. Grandma was called to pick up their 2 year old son and after hugging Mommy goodbye, he was on his way to spend Christmas with his cousins and family. 

Her midwives gave her the space she needed to work through each contraction as they came in waves. Once the birthing pool was set up, Mom climbed into it and let the water relax her body. The pressure intensified not long after. Her midwife joined them in the master bedroom as it came time to bring their child earthside. Reaching down while pushing, she guided their 2nd child into this world. Seeing her deliver her own baby was one of the most powerful birthing moments I have ever witnessed. Once baby was out, it was time to find out gender! .....and baby is a GIRL!!! Mom and Dad were over the moon with joy! They gave her the most beautiful middle name, perfect for a Christmas babe...Noelle. She was the ultimate gift this Christmas. 

PS...the Mama is my sister! Getting to witness and document the birth of my first niece was a magical moment. 

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