Shooting Your First Birth, Emma Bauso, Auborn, New York

We're thrilled to be sharing the work of Emma Bauso, based in Auborn, New York. She shared her very first birth with us...and it's a beautiful one!  You can contact her for your birth story at or on her site at  Find her on facebook as Emma Bauso Design and Instagram as @EcBauso.

This was the first birth I've ever photographed, and to say it lit a fire in me is an understatement. I have always been drawn to pregnancy and birth and never knew where I would fit into the equation, knowing I wouldn't want to be a health professional. When I got the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family's second child being born, I was so excited and also nervous! I had no idea what to expect but having birthed my own two babies I at least have been through it on the other side!

I arrived at the hospital knowing this mama had a quick birth her first time, but I had no idea that this baby would be born within an hour of my arrival, and only five minutes after having her waters broken. I barely had time to position myself for that JUST born shot- but luckily I got it! This mama did so so good. She was so calm, so strong, and her postpartum glow so strong. Dad was just the sweetest, most gentle birth partner and "new" dad. He was so proud of his girls!

I have a way to go before I'm creating artistic, amazing images like those of the many talented birth photographers out there, but I am so happy to have witnessed this most amazing thing and been able to capture it for this family to have forever!

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