A Touching Birth Video in Haleiwa, Hawaii by Amber DeCicco

We love sharing beautiful birth images on Birth Becomes Her...and beautiful birth films. There is something so powerful about hearing and seeing what things looked like on our birth days. Amber does a great job at capturing the emotion and the excitement surrounding Jacob's birth. We're carried through the story and brought to the amazing moment he's finally in their arms. You can see more of Amber's work (as well as images from this birth!) by clicking on the link below. 

Name: Amber DeCicco

Website: http://amberdecicco.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amberdecicco

Instagram: @adeciccophoto

Li labored for 12 hours before deciding the pain was too strong and she needed an epidural. Jacob arrived 9 hours later without the assistance of an induction.