Deep Connection, The Journey into Parenthood in Austin, Texas by Kayla Gonzales

When we look at Kayla's work, the joy of birth shines through.  While birth can be hard, it can also be joyful and Kayla captures those moments in her clients birth stories so well! 
Her images show beauty, great composition and gorgeous colors.  Take a minute to read this amazing birth story and leave a comment for this beautiful family. 

Name: Kayla Gonzales



Instagram Handle: @austinbirthphotos

The arrival of sweet Paloma touched me in ways I can't put into words. Throughout labor, the connection between her loving Mom & Dad was so divine; you could feel it in your bones. The love and unwavering support that Roberto showed Kijana was almost tangible in the room and the energy was calm and uplifting. It was an honor to document these two beautiful people as they transformed into the incredible parents they are!