A Full Moon Hypnobirth in London by Hannah Palamara

We met Hannah through our Birth Becomes Her facebook group, and I immediately fell in love with her generous spirit and her incredible eye for the beauty of birth. Hannah resides in England, where she captures stunning birth stories while also supporting many of her clients as their doula. Each time she shares a new image with us, it takes our breath away, so we were beyond honored when she submitted this beautiful homebirth with us. 

Name: Hannah Palamara

Website: www.treeoflifedoulaphotography.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/treeoflifedoulaphotography

Instagram: @tree_of_life_doulaphotography

The birth of Aluna

This beautiful full moon birth happened on one of the hottest nights of the year. As I drove there the sun was just starting to rise over the fields. It was a quick birth with baby arriving not long after I did. 

Mummy was hypnobirthing and it was one of the most beautiful serene birthing rooms I have been to with candles and affirmations all around. 

It was very powerful to watch how this mummy delivered her own baby so calmly and gently into her own hands and then very gently watched her float up to meet her. 

Thank you again, Hannah!

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