Side of the Road Birth by Breanna Gravener in Victoria, Australia

The very first birth story that I was really fascinated by this Breanna Gravener's Apple Orchard car birth. She captured such an amazing experience, in such a beautiful way! After obsessing over this incredible birth, I spent a lot of time checking out her website and I loved the way she showcases her birth work. She captures details, big and small and her work shows that you CAN combine portraiture photography and birth photography in a unique way. Even if your clients don't deliver during golden hour, on a gorgeous fall day, in front of an apple orchard - it can still be thoughtful and beautiful. The angles she chooses to capture this story are thoughtful and creative; the colors are beautiful and the story is amazing.

Take a minute to read through this family's story and check out some more of Breanna's work through the links below.

Name: Breanna Gravener




This birth happened in the car, beside an apple orchid en route to the hospital. It was golden hour in the morning with melting dew on the grass. 

Father and older sibling were in the car also and all were overjoyed and calm on the quick and safe arrival.

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