A Mother's Love, Hospital birth in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Chelsea was scheduled to be induced that Sunday evening the 12th, however little Logan decided he's come naturally, just as they had hoped. With the help of her mother, husband, and prayer they brought a little baby boy into the world. Logan was born 10:59 pm, healthy, and happy.  Sending prayers up every so often, they trusted their birth to God the whole time. Even if it was different from what they initially had planned, it was so beautiful.

This amazing birth story was captured by Brezi,  a birth photographer in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  You can find her website Captured by Brezi based in Colorado Springs, Colorado; and her facebook page here.   

When you need your support person the most, and they are right there for you -- what a great connection!  

Sometimes all you need is a hug from your mom.  

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