Joyful Birth, Born in Nashville, Tennessee

This amazing birth film was submitted by Kalli Pavon of Kalimana Film Stories based in Nashville, TN.  You can find her on facebook here too.  

During this mama's fifth pregnancy, she was diagnosed with a heart condition and she was told that any subsequent pregnancies would possibly end her life.  After taking permanent contraception measures, mama still became pregnant with baby #6.  It was then found that she was incorrectly diagnosed with a heart condition with the previous pregnancy and she went on to have a peaceful birth at home of her 6th child, Magnolia Plum.  

A quote from mom about this time in her life:

"I know some of our friends and family will wonder why we are doing it then. If there is a risk so scary, why take it? I won't lie and say we didn't think of the alternative. Of course we did. We have 4 beautiful children who need their mom. Tossing the risk aside, We are already strapped for cash, time, space, everything is tight as drum. How on earth can we stretch to fit one more into the budget, into our hearts, even into our mini-van? The answer? I don't know. But somehow we will. Who am I to tell this life she does not get to feel the sun on her face? Or he does not get to know the joy of seeing dewey grass, tasting tiramisu, or wrestling with his brothers? Who am I to say that a risk to me means the end of another? I don't believe it does. I believe this child was created against the current for a reason. Maybe she will be a storyteller or a healer. Maybe he will be a restorer of good things. Like the Dalai Lama said 'The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.' I am going to think of how lucky I am to be the vessel through which this peacemaker meets the world. "

A little something from Kalli Pavon (the film-maker, hired by the Cox family to capture Magnolia's entrance into the world):

"The cox family contacted me after seeing another birth film online and being surprised & excited that I was only 30 minutes away.  When I first met them, I spent an hour in their home, hearing about their blessings & struggles.  I felt a sense of peace and love in that home that is incomparable. I was thrilled to meet them, and capture this little miracle baby's entrance into the world.  Their sweet family has a way of getting into your heart.  I have loved seeing the way Susanna and Brian parent - with such peaceful patience.  Susanna teaches her children a lesson with each response to their pleas.  Her kids have a sense of independence that is so unique.  I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of their lives, and learn a thing or two more about parenting.  That's the beauty of what I do (capturing births)... I have yet to have children myself, and I learn SO much from the families I get to know."

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