The Birth Photography Toolkit


The Birth Becomes Her Toolkit provides new birth photographers as well as experienced photographers with everything they need to feel confident and creative in the birth space. Created by Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories and Jennifer Mason Photography, the Birth Becomes Her Toolkit draws on their experience at over one hundred hospital births, birth center births, and home births. Birth Photography is a rapidly growing field as more and more families choose to invite a professional birth photographer to capture their birth stories. 

  • You can read through and study over 50 detailed pages of information specifically about the fast-growing field of birth photography.

  • You can download 4 templates specifically created for photographers who own a birth photography business or hope to add birth photography to their current offerings. 

  • You will be invited to a private facebook group where you can ask Jenn and Monet questions about shooting births as well as share images for feedback!

Learn how to be a birth photographer

Birth 101

This will walk you through what an average homebirth or hospital birth looks like. One of the hardest aspects of birth photography is learning and understanding the often unpredictable nature of birth. This document will give you a basic overview that you can use to determine what time to join your client and what to expect during her birth. 

Birth Photography Etiquette

Entering a birth space means that you'll be interacting with medical professionals with years of advanced training. It's only recently that photographers have been allowed into the delivery room, and it's essential that birth photographers maintain a professional presence. By following basic birth photography etiquette you will have the opportunity to become a respected professional in the birth community. 


Camera Settings

 Unsure of what your camera settings should be during labor, delivery, and immediately after birth? We're sharing some tips and suggestions to ensure that you get those amazing shots you're aiming for. We've also included some of our favorite images (along with the settings we used) so you have a sense of what's possible. 

What to Bring in Your Birth Bag

Some births can last for over 24 hours. Some can go as quickly as two. Having a well thought-out and organized birth bag can make both your life and your photographs better. 

On-call Life

One of the hardest aspects of birth photography is being on-call for your clients 24/7. This helps navigate the changes that must occur for you to successfully manage your family-life, clients, and workflow while being on-call. 

Birth-Shot List

While you may have seen those "stand-out" birth images floating around the internet, photographing a birth is much more than just capturing that "wow" moment. There are so many small and big details that birth photographers need to capture...and because birth is often such an intense experience, it can be easy to forget what you need to capture in order to tell your client's story. This Birth-Shot list provides you with a step-by-step guide to capturing all of those moments, as well as some photos for example and inspiration. 

Editing Tips - Lightroom

Now you've shot a birth...what next? Editing your photos allows you to give your work a unique style while also correcting any white balance, grain or motion issues you may have encountered. These tips will provide a foundation to your editing skills so that you can deliver images that are professional and beautiful from day one.

birth photography toolkit

Social Media

How do you book clients? How do you build a social media following. With over 60k instagram followers and 15k facebook followers, Jennifer Mason and Monet Nicole Moutrie can help you build your social media presence. Sharing birth images is becoming more and more popular but it's a unique world to navigate through. This document will provide you with important tips that can help you grow your following quickly and organically. 

Birth Guide

We've created a customizable birth guide that you can send to your clients. The birth guide provides some basic information about what birth photography looks like as well as practical tips for your clients to use when choosing what they wear and how they stay in touch with you as their due date draws closer. 

Email Template and Questions for Clients

So you've received an inquiry. What next? This email template and questions for clients will give you an easy and customizable response so that you can quickly and effectively respond...and then hopefully book your inquiries. 

Workflow Checklist

This customizable excel spreadsheet provides you with a checklist to follow your clients from their first inquiry all the way to their child's first birthday. Birth photography requires immense organization and planning, and this checklist can help you make sure you have everything in order to best serve your clients. 

Fridge Reminder

Send your clients this fridge reminder for them to hang on their refrigerator or bulletin board. They'll be reminded when and how to reach you once their big day comes.  

Upon investing in the Birth Becomes Her Toolkit, you will instantly receive a download for all of your product.  This toolkit will equip you to feel confident and creative in the birth room...and provide you with tangible tools to ensure that your birth photography business is successful. We'll invite you to our private birth photography facebook group, where you'll be able to share and ask questions. Start your birth photography career today and invest just $97 for all of this information and learning and our private group!  


Here's what people are saying about the Toolkit:

"The toolkit was amazing, and totally worth the price. I love how Monet and Jennifer brought it to a personal level. I really enjoyed reading the toolkit, and loved the pictures as well. It answered so many questions, and is especially helpful for someone just started out. Practically everything you need to know to getting started with birth photography all in one place, so you don't have to spend weeks and time trying to figure it out yourself. The pictures themselves even helped with teaching you angles and moments to capture. If you are wanting to get into birth photography, this is definitely the place to start." - Jessy B. 

"After reading the toolkit and having some materials to use, I felt a lot better with moving forward as a newbie birth photographer. I think it helps as a cushion of support, so I can have something to refer to without always having to ask someone or feel embarrassed for asking. Thanks for providing this toolkit for us Jennifer and Monet! It was well worth the price, especially knowing you both put a lot of work into it." - Addie P.

"As a brand new aspiring birth photographer this toolkit is worth more than gold! I could have researched for days and never found all the information shared in the Birth Becomes Her toolkit. I learned everything from good angles to take photos & what to bring with you in your birth bag to how to edit photos in Lightroom and share photos effectively through social media. This propelled me way ahead to prepare as a new birth photographer than anything else I could have done as I start this journey of documenting women's stories through birth." - Elise H.