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From our bestselling Toolkit to Lightroom Brushes and Presets, we have developed these resources to get you the results you and your clients want, fast.


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The Original Toolkit



This is the toolkit that started it all at Birth Becomes Her! It's a comprehensive guide compiled by premier birth photographers Monet Moutrie and Jennifer Mason based on their experiences at over 350 births and counting. The ultimate toolkit for new birth photographers. Newly updated in Fall 2017.

As a brand new aspiring birth photographer this toolkit is worth more than gold! I could have researched for days and never found all the information shared in the Birth Becomes Her toolkit. I learned everything from good angles to take photos & what to bring with you in your birth bag to how to edit photos in Lightroom and share photos effectively through social media. This propelled me way ahead to prepare as a new birth photographer than anything else I could have done as I start this journey of documenting women’s stories through birth.
— Elise H.


  • You can read through and study over 50 detailed pages of information specifically about the fast-growing field of birth photography.

  • You can download 4 templates specifically created for photographers who own a birth photography business or hope to add birth photography to their current offerings. 

  • You will be invited to a private facebook group where you can ask Jenn and Monet questions about shooting births as well as share images for feedback.



Get in get out get on with your life

Editing Tools



The Birth Becomes Her Presets and Brushes are specifically designed by birth photographers for birth photographers. These tools are well suited for a variety of birth spaces such as hospitals, birth centers, and homes. Birth often takes place in non ideal lighting conditions. These presets were developed by Monet and Jenn to use in their own editing workflow to solve the lighting challenges they commonly faced. When applied, these presets can save you hours of editing time and give you the results you want from your photos.



  • Lightroom and Photoshop compatible
  • Different collections for specific needs
  • Both for color and black and white images
  • Installation instructions
  • Tutorial videos of how Jenn and Monet use them in their workflow

"The BBH community is truly incredible. Monet and Jennifer are so helpful and you can tell that they have such a passion for teaching. The online course has already greatly improved my confidence as a photographer! I can't say enough good things about it! The presets are also amazing! The one click difference is shocking! These women know their stuff and are clearly made for teaching! Best money I've ever spent to further my education!!"

- Emily Lamb


Jump in to the deep end with Jenn & Monet

The Online Course



The Essence of Birth - Online Course is a six week, online course that helps you gain the skills, knowledge, and passion to pursue birth photography and make an impact in your birth community. 

If you've been inspired by the power and artistic potential of birth, but feel intimidated to bring your camera into such an intimate and monumental event, this course is for you.



  • Self paced, two lessons released each week
  • Lifetime access
  • Online format accessible from anywhere you have internet
  • Class forum for discussion and connection between students
  • Payment plan available

"The online Birth Photography course is amazing! I have been a photographer for one year with only outdoor/natural light experience under my belt. Birth is SO unpredictable in MANY ways, but after capturing 3 births, I quickly knew it was my niche! Taking this course has helped prepare me for those unpredictable situations-including lack of natural light. Jennifer and Monet have poured their hearts into this online course and it shows! YOU will not be disappointed!"

-Ashley Grimes



Get expert advice customized to you

Consulting for Your Biz



We want you to do the job you love. With passion and purpose. With abundant success!  We believe that birth photographers can make this a lasting and thriving career.  We want to see more women and men launch and run businesses that are primed for success and sustainability. 



  • Connect with Monet and Jenn two-on-one as they take a look behind the scenes at your birth photography business. 
  • Website Review, Marketing Consult and Gallery Review available