Birth Becomes Her Birth Photography Contracts

Are you a new birth photographer? Have you been looking for birth-specific contracts that protect you as a photographer? Jenn and Monet brought together their experience at over 150 births to create a collection of completely customizable contracts specifically designed for birth photographers. The Birth Becomes Her Birth Photography Contracts can help you better organize your business, communicate clearly to your clients, and build your reputation in your community as a professional. 


The Birth Becomes Her Birth Photography Contracts are designed to be clear and concise – giving both you and your client a thorough understanding of the expectations and responsibilities of both parties. You'll receive each of the following contracts as a word document, which you can then modify for your unique birth photography business. These contracts are completely customizable based on your specific needs and policies. Once you've made them your own, the Birth Becomes Her team advises you to have these read by a local lawyer, as laws vary from state-to-state, country-to-country. 


What’s included in this Birth Becomes Her Contract Toolkit:

Birth Photography Contract

Use this with each client who books your photography services. It outlines and addresses the details of working with a birth photographer (such as precipitous births, timelines, etc...).

Print Release

Pass this on to clients after they've received their high resolution files. They will need to produce this document at some printing stores to show they are permitted by you, the photographer, to have their professional photos printed.

Model Release for Client

This document is signed by the client and will become part of your own records as a photographer. By signing it, the client acknowledges that their images will be shared publicly and used by you in your photography business.

Model Release for Birth Professional

This document can be signed by any birth professionals (midwife, physician, nurse, doula, etc.) present in your photographs.

Independent Contractor Backup Contract

Use this contract when you are working with a backup photographer. It outlines payment, conditions, and all the details important to successfully partnering with another photographer, eliminating confusion and increasing clarity.

Partnership Backup Contract

Use this contract when you are working with a backup photographer on an ongoing/partner basis. 


You can receive these completely customizable birth photography contracts for $97. The team at Birth Becomes Her can't wait to see your business thrive and grow!

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