2019 Birth Becomes Her Image Contest

With over 1200 images from dozens of countries around the world, the 2019 Birth Becomes Her Image Contest was our biggest yet…and we couldn’t have been more inspired by the births you shared! Here at Birth Becomes Her, we believe there is POWER in seeing and sharing images of birth. We believe that the birth photography industry will only continue to grow as more and more families realize that there is nothing more valuable than preserving memories from the very best days of your life.

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Overall Winner

Sadie Wild Photography


2nd Place Overall - Belle Verdiglione Photography


3rd Place Overall - Toni Nichole Photos

Category Winners

Sarah Widnyana - Widnyana-Sarah-Hospital-Photo01.jpg

1st Place Hospital - Life and Lens Photography

1st Place Out of Hospital - Northern Light Photography

1st Place Out of Hospital - Northern Light Photography

1st Place Color - Mary Nieland from Fox Valley Birth and Baby

1st Place Color - Mary Nieland from Fox Valley Birth and Baby

Cat Fancote - Fancote-Cat-BW-Photo-01.jpg

1st Place Black and White - Cat Fancote

Jessica Mielke - Mielke-Jessica-Portpartum1.jpg

1st Place Postpartum - Photo: Art by Jessica

2nd Place Hospital - Marijke Thoen

2nd Place Hospital - Marijke Thoen

Brittany Fisher - Fisher-Brittany-Out-of-Hospital-Photo01.jpg

2nd Place Out of Hospital - Micah Lynn Birth Stories

Kendal Blacker - Blacker-Kendal-Color-Photo-01_.jpg

2nd Place Color - Kendal Blacker Photography

Natasha Hesson - Hesson-Sashi-BW-Photo-01.jpg

2nd Place Black and White - Sashi Hesson, Photographer

Shea Long - Long-Shea-Postpartum-photo01.jpg

2nd Place Postpartum - Coastal Lifestyles Photography

Bree Downes - Downes-Bree-Hospital-Photo01.jpg

3rd Place Hospital - Bree Downes

Jaydene Freund - Freund-Jaydene-Homebirth-Photo01.jpg

3rd Place Out of Hospital - Cradled Creations

Chiara Doveri - Doveri-Chiara-Color-Photo01.jpg

3rd Place Color - Chiara Doveri Photography

Rowan Steiner - Rowan-Steiner-BW-Photo01.jpg

3rd Place Black and White - Salt City Birth & Newborn Photography

Hanna Hill - Hill Destigter-Hanna-Postpartum-Photo01.jpg

3rd Place Postpartum - Hanna Hill Photography

Click on a category below to see this year’s breathtaking image submissions. Our panel of judges made their selections from a sea of award-worthy images!


Out of Hospital


Black and White


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