Birth Becomes Her

2019 Birth Becomes Her Image Contest


2019 Birth Becomes Her Image Contest

Join us as we share birth with Our local communities and the larger world

Last year we featured almost 1000 images from over 30 countries around the world. The images were published in print and online media (Babyverden, Univision, Health, My Modern Met, Pop Sugar, Bored Panda, Cosmopolitan, Today and many more!)

For decades, birth largely happened behind closed doors and birthing people were given few choices. So much has changed in recent years…and birth photography has continued to grow in popularity. Here at Birth Becomes Her, we believe that by seeing and sharing real images of birth, our world can become a better place for women, babies, and families. Birth doesn’t need to be feared — rather it can and should be one of the most profound and supported days of your life. Imagery is powerful and these photos can play a part in changing the way our culture views birth. -Jennifer Mason and Monet Nicole


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Meet the Women Behind Birth Becomes Her

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Jenn Writes:

Me, with my family.

"There is nothing quite like watching a family connect with each other in a birth space. For me, the moments of intimacy that happen between partners; the swipe of her hair behind her ear, the gentle kiss on her neck, his constant touch - are what drives me to document this work."


Monet writes:

"Me. At work.

There is something magical about being present for these moments. I feel like I gain access to all the women who came before us...and all the women to come."


What Birth Photographers Are Saying.... 

I really treasure the Birth Becomes Her community! These women are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in their craft. They have been gracious enough to put their hearts into teaching and share tips, ideas, struggles and so much more to help all of us thrive and improve as birth photographers. I also have the film presets and brushes for editing and use them on every single birth. They are fantastic! I cannot say enough about this beautiful community.
— Tiffani Cascadden
I had been a birth photographer for a couple of years without any real direction. Not only did I grow by sharing and reading the threads in the BBH group, but the resources BBH has given me are priceless. The presets alone will take your images to the next level and the courses are everything you need to run a successful business or grow your current clientele. I owe so much to all of the amazing photographers that make up our community.
— Taryn, Photo Doula
Birth Becomes Her has helped my business grow tremendously. Everything from the online courses, support groups, and preset collections have taken me to the next level. I never knew I could feel this confident about my work! Plus my workflow has gotten so much faster!

— Brooklyn Logan,

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