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The Essence of Birth


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The Essence of Birth - Online Course is a six week, online course that helps you gain the skills, knowledge, and passion to pursue birth photography and make an impact in your birth community. 


Essence of birth

Why Take This Course?

If you've been inspired by the power and artistic potential of birth, but feel intimidated to bring your camera into such an intimate and monumental event, this course is for you.

Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason have photographed nearly 400 births and have helped countless new photographers start their birth photography businesses. As leaders in the birth photography community, we're excited to launch this comprehensive and life-changing birth photography course. 

We want every student to walk away with the tools necessary to THRIVE in this growing industry.

We grow best with positive support and successful people surrounding us.”  Jenn and Monet have created a community that supports success!

essence of birth

What Will You Learn?


The Course Sequence

  1. The Heart - Developing Your Passion for This Work
  2. Camera Basics - Establishing a Strong Foundation in Technical Skills
  3. Lighting 101 - Addressing Lighting Issues in the Birth Space
  4. Storytelling - How to use each frame to tell a story 
  5. Moment of Birth - Capturing one of the most exhilarating moments in the world
  6. Birth 101 - Understanding the Complexity and Diversity of Birth 
  7. Editing - Finding Workflow and Editing Style that Simplifies Your Life and Sets You Apart
  8. Birth Safety - Working Beneath Shared Standards of Ethics and Safety 
  9. Business Basics - Establishing a Sustainable Photography Business 
  10. Marketing - Finding Your Unique Voice and Clients
  11. Branding and Finding Your Niche - Learn who you are and how to market to your clients
  12. Self-Care - How to Develop Practices that Nourish You and Your Family


essence of birth


What People Are Saying

I walked away with a full heart from the course, and I took with me invaluable information and insight, friendships, confidence, and a reignited drive to continue to begin my journey as a birth photographer. Really, I don’t have adequate words to say how wonderful this workshop was.
I was having trouble defining who I was as a birth photographer (style, ideal client, motivation) and now I feel so confident in who I am and what I offer!
Prior to the BBH course I was insecure in regards to my business and willing to do just about anything to get clients, including offering sessions at embarrassingly low prices. After the BBH course I have more confidence and can’t wait to put into practice what I learned. I look forward to seeing my business grow as result of such an amazing experience.
I love that you guys made it feel like we were friends. It really felt like you wanted us to succeed in our business!
You are all so AMAZING and I am SO glad I decided to invest in myself and my business! I feel like I have made great connections and have an excellent starting point for my business. I also feel like I gained more insight and valuable information to help support future clients in this amazing time of their lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I was feeling isolated before the course but I don’t feel that way anymore. Before I would have been afraid to ask many questions, now I am no longer afraid ~ so get ready they will be coming your way! I was terribly naïve about birth photography before the workshop but I went from “maybe I can’t do this, to I think I can do this, to I AM DOING THIS!” You ladies are amazing and I am forever grateful to your kindness and your friendship...thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Essence of birth



 Certificate of Completion  


What's Included

  • Shooting tutorial: Watch Monet and Jennifer document a birth from start to finish
  • Editing Tutorial: See Jennifer Mason edit a birth from start to finish, in under two hours
  • Interviews with Midwifes, Nurses, and OBs on Safety and Birth Etiquette 
  • Standards for Safety and Ethics
  • Marketing Session by Renowned Photographer and Business Mentor, Chris Loring 
  • Online Discussion Forum to ask questions, make connections, and share your work
  • Live Group Chat where you can directly speak to Monet and Jennifer
  • Feedback on one birth session by Monet Nicole or Jennifer Mason 
  • Access to an Exclusive Mentorship Facebook Group 

How It Works

  • Course runs in the Fall of 2018
  • Lessons are released weekly
  • Students receive lifetime access to course material 
  • Entirely online and self-paced

essence of birth

We Want Your Work to Change the World!



What equipment do we need/want to have?

We'd like you to have DSLR or mirrorless camera. 


How much photography experience would be beneficial?

Some understanding of photography is helpful but not necessary. We have links to tutorials if you need extra help. 


What type of photo editing software is needed?

We recommend using Lightroom. You can purchase a monthly subscription for a very reasonable price (around $10 per month).


How much time commitment does the course take each week?

The course will release two lessons each week on Tuesday and Thursday.  The material is available for life, so if you feel like time is a struggle, you can go back at anytime and review the info.  It's also a self paced course, so you can follow along with the lessons, but you don't *have* to. 


I want to know more about the payment plan option.

Yes, we do offer a payment plan option.  The final payment is due 2 weeks before the course begins. Simply click the button below and choose this option on the purchase page. 

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