Stock Photography for Birth Professionals

One of the best things you can do for your birth business is use images that show your clients what you do. Photos not only convey your message instantly, they set the tone for your business brand and style.

Connect instantly with high quality clients by using high quality imagery on your website.


Show your Clients Instead of Writing Long Descriptions

Not only will investing in quality imagery set the right tone for your business, it will save you hours spent on trying to convey what you do to your clients through words. Use photos to communicate connection, support, and professionalism instantly.


Created by Professional Photographers

Our stock photography is created by professional birth photographers working in real life birth scenarios. The images they create are not staged or fake in any way, they are of real women and the real birth workers who support them.


Licensed Exclusively for Purchase through our Website

These photos are sold exclusively through our website to birth professionals just like you. They are not available to huge corporations or hospitals meaning they maintain their unique appeal to your brand and clients.

PLUS: New image collections released every quarter. SPRING '17 release coming in April!

How It Works

1. Determine Your Budget

The more you buy, the better the value

1 Photo: $75

2 Photos: $100

10 Photos: $450*

25 Photos: $800

*most popular


2. Choose Your Photos

View our complete stock collection by clicking below.

Favorite your selected images directly in the gallery, then send us an email saying you're ready to check out.

You will receive an invoice and once payment is received we will prepare your custom selections. 

You will receive your ready to use photos within 48 hours.


What kind of usage license is included with the photos?

These images can be used for websites and Facebook/Instagram ads. These images cannot be used for a print advertisement without written permission. Images may be printed in marketing material but cannot be printed and sold.

What format do I receive the photos in?

Web resolution jpeg is standard. If you’re wanting to use images for printed marketing material, please note and we’ll send you a full resolution jpg.

Are there any restrictions in using these photos?

Images may not be printed and sold. Images should not be cropped on website without photographer permission (but we do allow for cropping on Instagram and/or Facebook covers. If you’re web designer asks for a specific crop, please contact us for permission before preceding. Images should not be printed larger than 8 x 10 due to loss of quality. If you’d like to order a large print or canvas, please email us so that we can walk you through ordering your print through our printer.

How do I choose which images to use on my site?

If you're new to using professional photography on your website we recommend starting with a strong home page image, then adding at least one on each additional page to further strengthen your message to clients. Think about your services as a whole, what type of image conveys the type of work you do? That is your home page image. On your About page you might add an image of a midwife/doula smiling at a couple or mama to show connection. Choose a breastfeeding image if you offer lactation consulting.

Consider the message the images send, not just if you like it because it's a "nice picture." Browse the websites of other professionals you admire and see how they have used photos effectively (or not). If you still want help from an objective, outside designer, one of our team members can schedule a custom website consult with you (rates start at $55 for consulting with images purchased separately). Email to find out more.

How often will you be adding new photos into the gallery?

We will be adding images quarterly. Enter your email below to be added to our Stock Photography VIP list; you'll be the first to know about new releases and receive exclusive discounts.

I'm not quite ready to purchase yet, can I favorite some images and come back later to buy them?

Your favorites are stored in our system for 30 days, after that you will have to reselect your choices. Also, with our new collections of images released every quarter, if you do not purchase before the turnover you will not be able to browse or purchase the same images. After spending your time narrowing down your favs, your best bet would be to commit to at least 1-2 of them and get to start using them right away!

Why buy through you instead of a big site like iStockphoto?

The Birth Becomes Her presets are a robust collection of real birth images. We strive to make this collection as diverse and genuine as possible - showing real families giving birth in a variety of ways. These authentic images stand out amongst many of the stock images available on larger stock photography sites. We believe that by showing real images of birth, pregnancy, and beyond, you can better connect with your current and future clients. Additionally, we are a small, woman-owned business, who seeks first and foremost, to promote the beauty and power of birth.

After looking through the gallery I don't see quite what I'm looking for. 

We'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions for future releases. By filling out the form below you will also be notified when the gallery is updated every quarter.