TOOLKIT - Social Media Marketing

PART 1 Marketing Toolkit - Social Media Module.jpg
PART 1 Marketing Toolkit - Social Media Module.jpg

TOOLKIT - Social Media Marketing


This Toolkit will help you know how to effectively use Facebook and Instagram to grow your birth photography business.

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The world of social media is vast and ever changing.

Just when you think you have a handle on how to use it effectively, the rules are updated and you're back to square one.

Tackling the ins and outs head on, Monet and Jenn have found their place in the online world. Their images are regularly viewed thousands of times and they have figured out how to turn their raving fans into clients that sustain their business and life.

The Social Media Marketing Toolkit takes an in depth look at two successful birth photographers' approach to Facebook and Instagram.

Specialized for Birth Photographers

Birth photography is an emerging field that provides its own unique challenges with social media. Photos are being reported and accounts suspended at alarming rates. Hear how Monet and Jenn tread this fine line of sharing provocative images without losing their account access.

Get Clarity on what Images to Post

Certain photos will naturally draw your audience in more easily. Once you've learned what to look for you will instantly recognize which images to pull from your galleries and probably even have more awareness as you're shooting any future births.

Increase your Engagement

Posting beautiful images isn't enough, learn how to find out when your followers are most active and likely to respond to your content. Monet also outlines her specific approach to writing captions that appeal to both her artistic sense and the general public.


What you get:

45 gorgeous full color pages of birth photography-specific tips and action steps you can start using right away 

A 30 day planning calendar to build up your momentum and set you up for long term success

Real life examples of posts Monet and Jenn have used

5 specific things you can do to turn your fans into potential clients

A detailed walkthrough of creating a Facebook ad to attract new clients in your area

Over 40 of Monet and Jenn's favorite hashtags for Instagram