MARKETING - Templates for Birth Photographers

MARKETING - Templates for Birth Photographers


These templates were specifically created for birth photographers by birth photographers. These completely customizable PSD files can help you stand out and save you hours of design-time. 

Included in this collection:

-3 page birth guide with information written by Monet Nicole 

-Rack card

-Refrigerator reminder for clients 

-2 pricing sheets

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Sample Templates

Templates for Birth Photographers

Please Note:

Each template comes in PSD form. You need to have some familiarity with photoshop to successful adapt these to your specific business. While we can help you with any issues that you have receiving the files, we cannot troubleshoot any issues you have while personalizing your templates in photoshop.

You can choose to use the templates with images from Monet Nicole if you desire. We do recommend using your own images if possible as they best represent your work and style to your future clients.