Gentle Homebirth of Mirabelle in Winnipeg, Canada by Elliana Gilbert

It was the morning of the 12th of December in Winnipeg, Mb, Canada; I was asleep, when at around 4 in the morning, I got the call from Brian, Melissa's husband, that things were intensifying, and they believed this was it! and that their midwives had been called over as well. I shot right out of bed, heart racing, eyes widening immediately and a great big grin taking over my no longer groggy face. I zipped through all my things, got some clothes on, whispered to my husband that he was to be in charge on homebase that day because I had to run to a birth! One of the very best things I have to tell him nowadays - see ya Hun! I'm off to do what I love the most!

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Hospital Birth During a Snow Storm in Portland, OR by Colette Hoekstra

It's not too often that a birth story like this one happens in Portland, Oregon...

On January 10, 2017, mama Amanda went to the hospital with contractions. Her doula, Jessica, was keeping me informed of how things were progressing. A huge snow storm was predicted for that night. If you didn't know...Portland doesn't really get snow...or I should say, doesn't DO snow very well. Around 5pm with Amanda 4 cm dilated and contractions 4-5 minutes apart, I headed to the hospital in an effort to avoid the chaos that could happen on the roads later in the evening.

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Birth Becomes You - October 2017

Along with our public FB page, Birth Becomes Her has a private FB group, where birth photographers from around the world share and learn together. We're consistently floored by the images these photographers post. Birth is BEAUTIFUL and ripe with artistic possibility.  Below are images that received over 70 likes in our group this October. We'll be sharing these #birthbecomesyou images with the public each month. 

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