Laboring During a Hurricane in Jacksonville, Florida by Melissa Pickett

"My birth story isn’t the one I wanted, but nevertheless, it’s mine. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s emotional, and it’s one that I’ll never forget.

I had planned a birth full of love and harmony, peacefulness and calmness. I wanted a water birth and prepared for it by taking a Hypnobirthing class and Bradley Method class. My husband and I were on board to learn as much as possible about birth and how to deliver a baby as naturally as possible. I talked about natural, unmedicated birth to anyone who would listen and wrote about it online.

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Calm, Happy Homebirth in Central Oregon by Caitlin Gallivan-Gaertner

Olive was born on a beautiful spring day in her home in Central Oregon. She was welcomed by her parents Simon and Rebekah, and her big brother Peter. 

The midwives at Bend Birth Center arrived only a few minutes before me, and Rebekah gave birth to Olive just 30 minutes after I arrived in a birthing tub in their bedroom. This was my first birth, and I couldn't believe how incredible it was. I pulled the camera away from my face just after Rebekah gave birth to find tears streaming down my own face. 

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"We're so happy to meet you" Emotional Hospital Birth by Hanna Hill

C endured a long labor and one very long plateau at 9cm but as the heart rates and oxygen of both mom and baby became worrisome her sweet husband was by her side. He literally didn't sit down more than once throughout the 14 hours of labor. He spoke words of encouragement and stirred within C the strength to push through.

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Countryside Homebirth in Placerville, CA by Camille Borba

The backroads of Placerville, CA were dark and flooded as I made my way to this peaceful countryside homebirth. I quietly let myself in and found the sweet mom of soon to be three laboring quietly downstairs. The midwife and her student arrived shortly after, after taking a break to nourishing themselves. Things began to progress quite quickly from there.

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