A Light Filled Pensacola Homebirth

Home birth hasn't been available in Pensacola for a few years. The last home birth midwife we had retired right about the time I was beginning to carve out place for myself in the birth photography niche. Earlier this year, a team of midwives opened a new practice and began offering home births again. So the birth of baby Alice was the first home birth and first water birth I had ever attended.

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5 Reasons Dads Want A Birth Photographer

I wish I could count on one hand the amount of inquiries I've had for birth photography that end in "I'm sorry, my husband doesn't want anyone else in the room". Unfortunately, I can not.

Before an interview, a complimentary consultation, or an in person meeting, just like that, the answer is no.

While I can completely understand and respect this decision, I'd be lying if I said it didn't frustrate me. Mostly because I have seen first hand what an amazing gift a gallery of birth images can be to mom...AND DAD!

So let's dive in, shall we? Dads, here are 5 reasons you want a birth photographer present for your baby's birth.

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Surprise Gender Reveal Home Water Birth by Cherry Anne Abusmas

As a birth photographer, i am always moved with overjoyed moments of first time parents, successful VBAC, celebration of long-waited rainbow baby, and all other "firsts". But this birth story is so new to me. I witnessed a very unique genuine happiness of parents who had surprise gender reveal. This is what i love on my job, nothing can compare to the joy it brings to my heart.

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On Changing Lives...

We wanted to share some of the life changing stories of our Birth Becomes Her workshop attendees.  

Lindsey Bartell's thoughts about what the workshop meant to her:   "You know how you can look back on the timeline of your life and pinpoint certain moments where the trajectory of your life was literally altered?  This workshop makes it to my list of top five moments." 

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