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About Birth Becomes Her

Birth Becomes Her seeks to inspire both expectant parents and birth professionals.

We share new births each week and we draw on some of the greatest talent in birth photography across the world. 

We hope this site inspires you as an artist and encourages you as a parent. Birth is a process of strength, of determination, and of beauty. We seek to show every part of the journey. 

The Origin Story

The Birth Becomes Her Team: Alli, Jenn and Monet

Jenn and Monet bonded over their love of birth photography and helping new birth photographers get the tools and skills they need. They both live and work in Colorado, teaching birth photography workshops year round. Together, they worked to create a beautiful space for photographers to showcase their favorite birth images. As Birth Becomes Her grew, they brought Alli on board to handle the back end organization, a fellow photographer who they found through their BBH community.


Jennifer Rainey Mason

Jenn is a native of the Midwest and a proud Colorado transplant. She is the mother of two sweet girls, Magnolia and Clementine, and wife to Josh. Birth photography has been her passion since 2010 and she describes herself and her photography style as free spirited, feisty, and sentimental.

You can find out more about her work on her website, Jennifer Mason Photography.

Monet Nicole Moutrie

Monet began her journey into the birth world over five years ago. She's photographed and filmed over 200 birth stories. She is wife to Ryan and mother to two vivacious girls, Lucy and Eliza (born August 2016) and describes her style as passionate, intuitive, and visceral.

See her work at Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories.

Monet and Jenn offer a birth package together which includes doula support, birth photography and a full length birth film.  As a team, we work together to make your birth as comfortable and beautiful as you desire it. 

Packages begin at $2,000.  Contact us at to chat more.