Welcome to Birth Becomes Her: a place to share and celebrate the beauty of birth.

Our purpose is two fold:

1. To Show the World that Birth Photography is Beautiful, Powerful, and Life-Changing

2. To Support Birth Photographers in the Demanding and Exciting Field of Birth Photography

Here at Birth Becomes Her, we share beautiful birth stories and images each week.  These blog stories feature a wide variety of birth locations and birth choices because we believe there is POWER in seeing how other people give birth around the world. We believe there is BEAUTY in vaginal births, cesarean births, medicated births, unmedicated births. We're also thrilled to be the first blog to pay birth photographers for their submissions. We believe that birth photographers deserve to be VALUED for the incredible work that they share. 

We also support new and established birth photographers through a variety of tools and resources. Jennifer Mason and Monet Nicole created the Birth Photography Toolkit, which equips new birth photographers with knowledge about birth, photography, and business. The Birth Becomes Her team also created the first collection of Lightroom presets, brushes, and filters designed SPECIFICALLY for birth.  And lastly, the Birth Becomes Her team hosts workshops for birth photographers from around the world. 

We suggest you explore one of our most recent birth photography stories on our blog. And if you're a birth photographer, consider submitting a birth story to our blog and check out our shop before you leave. We are passionate about helping grow awareness of birth photography through professional and skilled birth photographers throughout the US and world!